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Switch up your music game with the all-new JBL TOUR series collection, featuring the world's first smart earbuds case! Get ready for a sound adventure like no other.

The New Tour One M2
The New Tour Pro 2

Uncover new frontiers in your audio landscape with the newest JBL Tour Series launch. Redefine the boundaries of sound with the JBL Tour Pro 2 and JBL Tour One M2, and revel in being the main character of your music.

JBL Tour Pro 2: Reimagining Wireless Earbud Technology

Discover new layers of audio immersion you never thought possible with the new JBL Tour Pro 2. True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology cuts out all distractions so you can sink down into the deepest bass tones and richest timbres. Hi-Res Legendary JBL Pro Sound supports up to 40kHz for true-to-ear audio quality, transporting you right into the recording booth. Our latest true wireless earbuds even come with 6-mic technology and hands-free voice control access, offering you crystal-clear call quality and fuss-free productivity in a simple, understated package.

JBL Tour One M2: Redefining Spatial Sound in Wireless Headphones

Your signature JBL Pro Sound experience is taken one step further with the new JBL Tour One M2 headphones. Lossless compatibility allows you to experience 360 degrees of high-fidelity reproduction and spatial audio, for total immersion in your favourite beats. Craft your own unique soundscape with Personi-Fi, our cloud-based personalisation that puts the power of the DJ back into your hands.

Embrace New Worlds in Audio Imagination

The latest JBL Tour Series earbuds and headphones enable new ways to join in on the audio revolution. Stay tuned for official updates on the release dates of the JBL Tour Pro 2 and JBL Tour One M2!