Own your sound with JBL active noise cancellation headphones, your new ally against unwanted noise. Be it a headset for peaceful snoozes, focus work or unfiltered audio delight, JBL headphones open you up to the best auditory journey possible. 


Dare to be the moment when you choose a JBL noise cancelling headset. True Adaptive Noise Cancelling lets you retreat into your music, pushing away external sounds. Coupled with Ambient Aware technology, you’ll still remain conscious of your surroundings without having to unplug. When a call comes through, a simple tap on the ear cups takes you to the perfect stereo call. Meanwhile, the TalkThru feature amplifies speech through the mic, allowing easy conversations without removing your headphones. Need to switch back to the video on your tablet? That’s effortless with a quick Bluetooth® pairing, best for multi-taskers.

Depending on the model, our noise cancelling headsets provide up to 50 hours of uninterrupted sound. A swift 10-minute charge on selected wireless headsets like the JBL Live 460 NC grants an additional 4 hours of musical joy. Alternatively, plug in with the detachable cable for wired listening.

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Active noise cancelling (ANC) and environmental noise cancelling (ENC) are technologies designed for on-ear headphones or in-ear earbuds to minimise unwanted ambient sound. ANC produces sound waves that counteract background noise, while ENC uses microphones to enhance voice clarity in noisy environments. JBL’s noise cancelling headphones are fit with ANC.

Active noise cancellation in headphones enhances audio clarity and detail, creating a private soundscape. Plus, it pushes away ambient sounds, perfect for sleeping in noisy environments.

Activating active noise cancelling on JBL headphones varies by model. You can switch it on via the My JBL Headphones app. Selected models on the JBL online store also come with designated buttons on the ear cups. Refer to your specific model’s manual for precise instructions.

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