True Wireless Stereo (TWS) represents the next leap in hands-free audio technology. Advanced Bluetooth® technology connects both earbuds, allowing them to play in audio in sync while remaining totally cable-free. JBL true wireless earbuds and earphones take this innovation to the next level, offering exceptional sound clarity, comfort, and a seamless connection.

JBL Deep Bass Sound technology powered by 8mm drivers immerses you in rich, deep tones for an unforgettable listening experience. Small and lightweight designs allow you to take your music with you wherever you go, providing you with a signature JBL experience right in your pocket. Features like Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), up to 20 hours of combined playback, and ergonomically-designed comfort-fit combine to offer you only the best in true wireless audio capability. 

It’s time to expand your musical horizons, discover new boundaries in audio fidelity, and discover new dimensions to your favourite tracks.


Embark on a transformative audio journey with JBL true wireless earphones. Whether you're on the move or settling into your favourite tune, these TWS wireless earbuds and earphones are designed to deliver exceptional sound quality. Explore the JBL Wave 200 TWS and more on the JBL official online store.

Looking for another way to enhance your auditory journey? The best ANC headphones for undisturbed, unchallenged audio quality await. Younger music enthusiasts can also begin crafting their own audio escape with JBL wireless headphones for kids. Discover new boundaries in auditory excellence with JBL Singapore.

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TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo, a technology that pairs two earbuds wirelessly, allowing them to play audio simultaneously. This means TWS earbuds can operate without any cables, providing a completely uncluttered, convenient, and lightweight listening experience unlike any other. JBL TWS earbuds offer premium sound quality, comfort, and innovative features, bringing this cutting-edge technology to life.

Yes, you can talk with JBL True Wireless earbuds. JBL TWS earbuds are equipped with built-in microphones that facilitate clear and hands-free communication. Whether you're on a call or interacting with your voice assistant, JBL's true wireless earbuds provide a convenient, cordless experience. With advanced noise reduction technology, your voice is heard clearly even in noisy environments. You can even switch seamlessly between calls and tunes thanks to one-touch technology, making JBL TWS earphonesideal for both personal and professional use.

The main difference between normal earbuds and TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds lies in the absence of wires. While normal earbuds often have a cable connecting them to each other or the device, TWS earbuds operate entirely wirelessly. This offers more freedom and flexibility, especially during physical activities like running or working out. Moreover, the wireless design enhances the aesthetic appeal to effortlessly elevate your style. JBL’s true wireless earbuds and earphones even come with advanced features like Active Noise Cancelling, waterproofing, and long battery life, for a superior listening experience on every level imaginable.

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