Retro never sounded this classy. Inspired by products of decades past, our 2 latest launches fuse timeless heritage designs with the best of modern audio technologies, bringing you a sound that never goes out of style.

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The JBL Authentics
The JBL Authentics
The JBL Authentics

Jay Park

Over 75 years of audio design
made for the new era

Explore JBL’s Sonic Excellence: A Legacy of Innovation

Classics Reimagined with the JBL Authentics and Spinner BT

Discover the flawless fusion of timeless, retro design and state-of-the-art audio as the JBL Authentics and JBL Spinner BT make their debut in Singapore, seamlessly bridging the sounds of the past with the audio of the future.

JBL Authentics: A Modern Classic

Embark on a journey where tradition meets cutting-edge technology with the latest JBL Authentics series. Revitalising the renowned JBL L100 speaker, the Authentics line, comprising models like the Authentics 200, Authentics 300, and Authentics 500, seamlessly blends the iconic Quadrex grille with a contemporary aluminium frame and opulent synthetic leather. These aren't just speakers with a vintage touch; they're modern classics delivering high-resolution audio, harmonising effortlessly with your latest devices. Buy the JBL Authentics online to mark a new era in high-resolution sound and music.

JBL Spinner BT: Timeless Audio With A Contemporary Look

Enhance your musical journey with the JBL Spinner BT, a turntable that modernises retro audio. Featuring a die-cast aluminium platter and sustainable wood construction, the Spinner BT seamlessly blends the timeless allure of vinyl with the precision of high-resolution audio. It serves as a harmonious link between the nostalgic warmth of vintage sound and the sharpness of contemporary audio, breathing new life into your vinyl collection with unparalleled clarity.

Honour the Legacy of Sound, Step Into The Future Of Music

Stay tuned for the launch of the JBL Authentics series and JBL Spinner BT in Singapore, poised to revolutionise your musical odyssey.

Partake in this exciting intersection of retro design and high-resolution music, where vintage aesthetics harmonise with cutting-edge sound. Keep your eyes peeled for their release dates and secure your online purchase while stocks last.

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